How Do I Cancel Air Canada Flight Ticket?

 What is the Air Canada Cancellation Policy? 

Your weekend plans are taking a turnaround? Air Canada has a solution for all such scrapes or hurdles you come across after your booking. Incredibly, the astute Air Canada Cancellation Policy is versatile enough to help you with the termination quite quickly. The overall cancellation policy for Air Canada is transparent and user-friendly for all its clauses. The more you read, the more convenient it gets for you to avail of any cancellation at Air Canada.

 What is the Air Canada Refund Policy? 

The hidden airline charges mostly embezzle the entire amount that is supposed to be refunded against your ticket fare after applying the cancellation charges as per the cancellation policy. However, the Air Canada refund policy settles all your concerns in a very precise manner. It’s easy to get a refund from Air Canada if you comply with the following points:

  • You could demand a refund if Air Canada itself canceled your booking under some technical circumstance or any drawback from the airline’s end.
  • The Air Canada 24-hour cancellation policy allows you to claim a full refund against your ticket.
  • Only flexible tickets, including Latitude, Premium Economy Flexible, and Business Flexible fares, are eligible for a refund at Air Canada.
  • If your flight is delayed for at least more than three hours, you can directly request a refund at the airport.
  • Sometimes, Air Canada might reschedule your flight due to a technical glitch or any machine emergency. If such an unexpected change leads you to miss a connecting flight or if it affects your routine jobs, such refund requests are approved at Air Canada without any further conspiracy to improve their passenger-airline relations.
  • All medical emergencies, mainly deaths and accidents, are taken into accord at Air Canada with utmost priority. You can get a refund using the refund request form, as you need to attach the supportive documents.

 What is the Compensation on Air Canada Travel? 

Air Canada offers a qualifying compensation under the following two circumstances:

For Delayed and Canceled Flights: If your flight was canceled or postponed for more than 3 hours, causing you any inconvenience for your regular plans, you can get the below-mentioned reimbursement as per Air Canada's Cancellation compensation policy:

  • Delays between 3-6 hours- $400
  • Delays between 6-9 hours- $700
  • Delays for more than 9 hours- $1000
  • In the cases where you’re getting a rescheduled flight booking as your compensation if you deny the proposal, you are only entitled to get a refund of $400 as per the airline's terms and conditions.

For Denied Boarding: Even if you’re dismissed to board due to some unexpected shortcomings by the airline and the rescheduled flight results in any further delay of more than 3 hours, you will be eligible for the given reimbursement from Air Canada:

  • Delays till 6 hours- $900
  • Delays till 9 hours- $1800
  • Delays for at least 9 hours- $2400.

 What is the Air Canada 24-Hour Cancellation Policy? 

The refined guide to Air Canada 24-hour cancellation policy is as follows:

  • Air Canada grants you a free cancellation if you cancel your flight reservation within the 24-hour window of your booking time due to any possible reason, especially if you booked your ticket by mistake. You’re charged a zero cancellation fee as per the policy, which leads to a full refund.
  • You’re eligible for such a cancellation only if you do so before 2 hours of your departure time. If you reserved a flight in the middle of the 24-hour window before departure, you can not avail of the benefits provided by this policy.
  • The policy avails a free cancellation to all passengers irrespective of the ticket type, fare or arrival departure destinations.

Air Canada Cancellation Policy for Medical Illness

Air Canada understands any medical emergency you come across and handles the cases with a somewhat sentimental approach to gain the passenger’s trust. Such cancellation is accepted at Air Canada, and you can even receive a refund provided you submit valid, government-approved documentation, medical bill, or doctor’s report, attached with your refund request. A consumer spokesperson, upon verifying the request, will reply to your query and initiate a refund immediately.

 What is the Air Canada Weather Cancellation Policy? 

Extreme weather conditions can totally hamper your travel mood, especially if you have planned a getaway trip. But with the comfort of Air Canada weather cancellation policy you can easily cancel your flight reservations given the airline has also declared a weather alert. The Policy works as follows:

  • You can cancel a flight reservation at Air Canada because of heavy weather and claim a full refund.
    • You get two types of reimbursements for this type of cancellation.
    • A full refund to your source account will be initiated against your ticket fare, subject to Air Canada cancellation policy.
    • Rescheduled flight reservations if the delay doesn't hamper your travel comfort. Given the fact that Air Canada provides multiple amenities such as food, Wi-Fi, and a waiting lounge in case your flight is changed.
  • In any case, if the above alternatives fail to provide you with a satisfactory solution, you can cancel your flight ticket and get a refund.

 What is the Air Canada Cancellation Fee and Charges? 

Your primary economy tickets might not be entitled to any cancellation or refund at Air Canada. Still, the other ticket types are versatile and eligible for cancellation for a minimum charge fee or free of cost. To get the hold of Air Canada cancellation fee for your future cancellations, refer to the following prices:

  • For canceling a Standard Economy, Flex, Comfort, or Premium Economy & Business Class non-flexible ticket, you’ll be charged a minimum cancellation fee of $200.
  • All flexible tickets, including Latitude, Business Economy, or Premium Economy, are not entitled to any cancellation fee.
  • Award Tickets at Air Canada charge 0-150$ for any cancellation.

 Air Canada Cancellation Policy for Basic Economy Tickets 

There are no general cancellation options for a Basic Economy Ticket at Air Canada. But if you choose to cancel your flight within the 24-hour window, you are entitled to a full refund as per the 24-hour cancellation policy. You can also claim a refund if your booking was canceled by the airline or if the flight was delayed for more than 3 hours at the time of departure due to some unavoidable circumstances.

 Air Canada Cancellation Policy for Non-Refundable Tickets 

Air Canada has multiple fares and ticket types. For the non-refundable tickets, which include the Standard Economy, Flex, Comfort, and non-flexible Premium Economy/Business Class tickets, Air Canada does not provide a full refund. Such terminations are subject to an Air Canada cancellation fee, and all these tickets have a minimum cancellation charge of $200.

 Air Canada Cancellation Policy for Refundable Tickets 

All refundable tickets at Air Canada are eligible for a free-of-cost cancellation, resulting in a full reimbursement against your flight booking. However, there are some conditions you must comply with to get a refund from Air Canada:

  • Cancel the ticket 2 hours prior to the departure.
  • Only the tickets booked from Air Canada's official website or a designated ticket sales counter are eligible for free cancellation. Cancel your booking only from the source account.

 Air Canada Cancellation Policy for Award Tickets 

Award tickets are subject to various category cancellations. Any cancellation outside the 24-hour window is charged $125, cancellations using customer support may incur a $150 cancellation charge, and last, but not least, all Altitude Super Elite 100k members can avail of a free cancellation.

How  Do I Cancel an Air Canada Flight Ticket?

To cancel an Air Canada reservation, Dial Air Canada customer support 1 (888) 247-2262 toll-free or follow the given instructions.

  • Land the legal site at to cancel Air Canada flight using the internet.
  • Jump to the My Bookings section, curated to provide all booking-related assistance such as flight change, cancellation, seat selection, check-in, and refund.
  • On the next window, type your registered booking reference or ticket ID and your last name as per the passport.
  • Press the Find button to land a segregated page for all your Air Canada flight reservations.
  • Pick the flight you’re looking to cancel and opt for the cancel option.
  • Your payment summary will be uploaded on the check-out page as per the discussed cancellation fee for Air Canada tickets.
  • Review the details and submit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get a Refund from Air Canada?

For already covered travel journeys or past canceled flights(in case you were marked no-show), you need to fill out the Ticket Refund Application form available on the official website of Air Canada. In short, you can cancel an Air Canada ticket by the three methods mentioned here:

  • Fill out the form or send a refund request to their email address: if your ticket has already expired and you have been marked a no-show.
  • Call a consumer spokesperson from Air Canada customer support and Press 4 after the IVR option for cancellation is dictated from the menu.

You’re requested to directly reach out to the agent if you booked your flight ticket using a third-party website or travel agency for refund requests against your Air Canada flight booking.

What is the Air Canada Policy for Cancelled Flights?

Air Canada offers reasonable alternatives to all their passengers for a canceled flight. You can either claim a full refund, or Air Canada will get you an adjacent flight ticket at a rescheduled time as per your convenience. For delays and denied boarding up to more than 3 hours, you can cancel your reservation for satisfactory compensation.

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