How Do I Get The JetBlue Confirmation Code?

How Do I Get The JetBlue Confirmation Number?

A confirmation number is a number provided by the airline after your booking is confirmed with the airline. If you want to know your JetBlue confirmation number, then there are a few modes that you can use to find it. If you still have any issues, then reach out to customer service, and they will guide you.

Modes to Find JetBlue Confirmation Number

Via Email- Once your booking is confirmed by the airline, they will send you a message on the registered email in which the confirmation number is mentioned. You can open the application on your device and search for the date on which you make the reservation, and then you will find the e-ticket with the confirmation number.

Via Text Message- Another mode to get the confirmation number is through the text message. The airline will also send a text message to you after the booking is confirmed with the confirmation number and other ticket details. If you do not get any message, then immediately contact customer service.

Uses of JetBlue Confirmation Number 

  • Changes to Booking- If you want to make any changes to your booking, like flight change, cancellation, or seat upgrade, then you must require a confirmation number. Get to the official website ( and go to “My Trips.” type the confirmation number and required details.
  • Online Check-in- Another use of a confirmation number is online check-in. If you want to select a seat or get a boarding pass, then you can use the online check-in. Provide the confirmation number and last name, and you can check in 24 hours prior to departure.

With the given information, you must have known about getting the JetBlue confirmation code through different modes. Still, if there is any issue in which you require assistance, then you can also get through with customer service, and they will assist you.

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