How Do I Change Name on Delta Airlines Ticket?

How Do I Change the Name on Delta Flight Ticket?

Delta Airlines is one of the best airlines that provide all the services to their passengers, and if you are willing to change the name on a Delta flight ticket, then you can make any changes. To get the information related to name change with Delta then for that, this article is one of the best, and here are the following all the details that will assist you in attaching and determining all the issues properly:-

What is the Delta Airlines Name Change Policy?

When you have already booked a flight ticket with Delta airline, and now there are some changes in the plan, then if you need to know the Delta name change policy, then for that here are the following, and you have to follow them like Delta does not allow you to make full name changes in the ticket, also, must know that the person who booked the flight ticket is the same person who travel in the flight.

Moreover, you cannot directly connect with Delta for a name change; there are some strict rules that you have to follow. This is the reason to have travel insurance and a refundable flight ticket.

What is the Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy?

Delta Airlines doesn't give permission to make the entire name change that appears on the ticket, but they will allow for minor name corrections related to the criteria. The minor corrections that are permitted are first name, middle name, and last name, but these changes are allowed due to spelling mistakes or marriage.

Misspelling is one of the most common reasons for name correction requests, and you need to be careful while booking a ticket. If you need to get all the information on Delta Airlines name correction policy, then below are the following that are mentioned:-

Adding a Middle Name to a Delta Airlines Ticket

This is the easiest way that Delta allows you to add your middle name to the Delta airline ticket and to know the simple method to add a middle name is through the 'manage booking' section on the app, phone, or through Delta texting assistance. This must ensure that the flight ticket fully matches with your valid photo ID.

Changing a Last Name in the Case of Marriage or Divorce

When you have booked your flight ticket under your maiden name and want to change that with your spouse's last name, you are allowed to make a full change with the legal marriage certificate. The changing a last name on Delta ticket allowed to change entirely when the result is marriage or divorce. Moreover, in the divorce, the passenger needs to have a divorce decree on hand proving the reason for a name change.

Correcting Minor Spelling Mistakes on Delta Reservations

When you know that there are some issues with your Delta flight ticket and are required to correct a minor spelling mistake, then this is the easiest thing you can do. If you want to make changes within the 24 hours of your booking, then you are not allowed to pay any charges to the services, and when you notice the error after the one day window, then you must pay all the charges that applied.

What are the Ways to Change the Name on a Delta Flight Ticket?

If you are willing to get to know the ways to change the name on a Delta flight ticket, then for that, here are the following multiple methods to follow and below are the following that mentioned in proper detail and make changes in the name of Delta:-

Through Online Method:-

Name Change through Phone Number:-

You can also associate with the customer assistance of the airline through their official number and provide all the information to make name changes. Here is their official number: 1-800-221-1212, which you have to dial and connect with services, then request for the changes and resolve the issues.

Change through Mobile App:-

  • Open the app and log in to the account.
  • Click on the reservation and navigate to click on modify flights.
  • You can easily make all the changes that you require and make sure to make changes within Delta's conditions.

Via the Text Messages:-

This is the best and simplest way that you can use to make changes, and they have all the features that assist you in making any changes to your flight ticket. You can quickly get the text message option and send them all the queries to send them and resolve all the problems that appear.

Most Airlines are Strict with Name Changes

You can see that Delta Airlines' name change policy is strict, and there are many other airlines that are strict regarding name change flight itineraries. When you make any changes to the flight, then it will cost the charges, and changing the ticket name is no exception. If you are willing to make changes to your ticket, then you must follow all the name policies, and to know the policy, visit the official site.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I modify the name on the Delta Airlines ticket?

To modify the name on Delta Airlines flights, you can call their helpline number, and the executive will also provide you with details on the name change policy.

Can I change my name on the Delta ticket to another person name?

As per the Delta Airlines name change policy, a passenger is not allowed to change their name to another person's name.

How to change the name on my Delta Airlines ticket?

To change the name on your Delta Airlines ticket, you can head to the airline's official website, call the customer service number, or use the Kiosk device at the airport.

What is the fee for a name change on a Delta Airlines ticket?

Delta name change is free for the first 24 hours of booking, and after that $75 to $500 fee is applied.

Can I change my middle name on the Delta ticket?

Yes, you can change the middle name on your ticket by contacting the airline.

Can I modify my name on the ticket using the online method?

A passenger can quickly modify their name on the ticket through the online method by using the "My Booking" section on the official website:

What does Delta Name Correction Policy Say?

The Delta Airlines name correction policy says that the passenger is allowed to make minor changes to their name on the ticket.

Is Delta changing the name on a flight ticket with a non-refundable fare class possible?

Yes, Delta allows name changes on non-refundable tickets, and for more information, you can contact a customer service executive.

How far in advance should I request for a Delta change name on the ticket?

Delta Airlines allows the passenger to change on the ticket up to 24 hours before the departure.

What documentation is required to change the name on a Delta ticket?

The valid documentation required for name change Delta ticket is legal documentation, including passport or marriage certificates.

What is the Delta cost to change the name on a ticket?

The cost to change the name on a Delta ticket varies on different conditions, and you can also get to the official website to know about the fees.

What should I do if there is a Delta misspelled name on the boarding pass?

The best method to correct the misspelled name on the boarding pass is to call Delta through their phone number.

What are the valid reasons for Delta to change the name on the plane ticket?

A passenger can correct the name on the ticket in case of a name change due to marriage or legal reasons.

Will I be charged to correct the wrong middle name on the airline ticket?

There is no need to change your middle name as the airline verifies your name through the First and last name on the ID proof.

What documents might be required to correct name mistakes in flight tickets?

The airline will ask you for valid proof, like a passport, driver's license, and legal documents, to correct the name on the ticket.

Will I receive a new ticket after processing the Delta edit name on a ticket?

Yes, you will receive a new ticket on the registered email once the name correction is completed.

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