How Do I Get an Upgrade on Air Canada?

How Can I Get an Upgrade with Air Canada?

To fly with the best is always what one wishes when it comes to a point of discussion about travel. However, it is less talked about and is a need for many. Here in the article provided below, you can grab all the details related to the upgrades you wish to make for your upcoming Air Canada travel. Air Canada is a mostly opted airline, as is a carrier passenger carrier national airline of Canada. They have upgraded their services and have received a five star ratings for their services. If you wish to upgrade the booking for additional facilities, you can read the article for the same. In addition to this, you may find other details as well; thus, read through the same and get an idea about Air Canada’s upgrades.

How Do I Upgrade Air Canada Business or Signature Class?

To upgrade the booking with Air Canada, there are various methods available. You can read thoroughly through the steps mentioned below and get the needful done for the Air Canada economy class upgrade. The procedures are as follows:-

1. Online Process:

  • Visit through Air Canada’s official website,
  • Salvage the booking using the booking itinerary details. On the summary page, go to the menu icon list and click on the upgrade option.
  • Follow through the on-screen instructions and complete the process required.

2. Call Process: 

You can also put in a request for an upgrade through the call process. For this, get to dial the contact number 1 (888) 247-2262 and then connect with an Air Canada executive for help with making the upgrades you are looking for.

3. Bid Upgrade:

To get the upgrades through bidding, you may even choose to follow the steps below that shall help you through the process. The steps are as follows:

  • Reach out to the booking summary page, and from the upgrade options available, click on the bid option.
  • Set a bid cost and then add the credit card details.
  • Once done, you shall receive a confirmation email.
  • After your bid is accepted, the cost from your credit card shall be auto-credited, and you will receive the updated details in your email.

4. Upgrades at the Airport: 

You may even upgrade the booking at the last minute, which is either at the airport wither through check-in or if you buy the same.

What Types of Upgrade Available with Air Canada?

There are various types of upgrades available with Air Canada, which you may opt for the next booking you have as follows:

  • AC Bid Upgrades: The tickets you hold with Air Canada can be upgraded through bidding. You may even apply the same for Air Canada Express and Air Canada Rouge flights. You can set up a bid price for the ticket, and if available, you will be able to get it.
  • Star Alliance Upgrades: If you possess coins or wallets of other airlines that are a part of Star Alliance or, say, if the other airline is a partner airline, you may use the same for an Air Canada ticket upgrade. All the Air Canada and Air Canada express flight tickets are eligible for the same.
  • eUpgrades: Upon making use of the credit points received from Air Canada, you can easily, upon following the online process, get the upgrades done. From salvaging the booking using the itinerary details, all of it can be easily completed.
  • Last Minute Upgrades: Air Canada Last minute upgrades can also be done, which is either at the check-in counter or through the check-in process, which you follow through either the online or self-check-in kiosk machines.

Who Gets the Air Canada Upgrades Earlier? 

With regard to upgrading the Air Canada booking, there are various terms and conditions under which your booking can be upgraded. These conditions are as follows:

  • Level of elite status: To upgrade your booking to a premium level on a priority basis, it shall mostly depend on the status of Aeroplan. The higher your booking status is, the earlier your booking shall get prioritized to be upgraded. The airline names it an eUpgrade clearance window. The Air Canada clearance window is as follows:
    • An Aeroplan Super Elite ticket can get upgraded within 7 to 14 days.
    • Aeroplan 75K shall take 6 to 12 days to get upgraded.
    • Aeroplan 50K shall be upgraded within 5 to 10 business days.
    • Aeroplan 35K can be upgraded within 4 to 8 working days.
    • An Aeroplan 25K ticket holder may wait within 3 to 5 days for the upgrades to complete.
    • A passenger with an Aeroplan membership can get the upgrades done at any time within 7 days.
  • Mode of Payment: When the upgrades are paid through bids, the upgrade takes the maximum time to get confirmed. The bookings, if upgraded through credit points, may take up to 10 to 15 days for the confirmation. Other than these, if there are any awards you have received from the airline or with available Air Canada business class upgrade you are making a payment, the ticket shall be upgraded immediately.

Aeroplan Status Level Benefits

There are various Status level benefits available with Aeroplan, which shall benefit you with getting the upgrades in addition to availing benefits. The different plans, along with their benefits, are listed as follows:

  • Status Level- 25K: On the seats preferred, you can get a 50% discount on Flex fares within domestic routes.
  • Status Level- 35K: As a 25K status level, even with 35K, 50% off for preferred seats on Flex fares are available for domestic flights.
  • Status Level- 50K: A complimentary preferred seat with flex fares and 50% off is available on international as well as domestic flights.
  • Status Level- 75K: Within all international as well as domestic routes, a complimentary flex fare seat is available.
  • Status Level- Super Elite: With the Super Elite level of Aeroplan, a complimentary seat on all fares in all markets can be preferred.

How Do I Make Sure to Increase the Chances of Upgrades on Air Canada?

For the ticket you hold with Air Canada, you can ensure the Air Canada signature class upgrade to be received by following through to read the given points below:

  • Use Aeroplan points: You must make use of the Aeroplan/ membership points with regard to upgrading the flight you have booked. You can earn these points with an Air Canada Aeroplan elite status.
  • Look for availability: Once you decide on the travel dates, you must look for the availability in the higher class to be available. If any, you can avail of the same with your elite status of the Aeroplan.
  • Take advantage of eUpgrades: Also, you can take benefit of your eUpgrade travel companions and nominees to upgrade the booking you have with Air Canada.
  • Avail of auto-upgrades: While making the bookings on Air Canada, you must put up a request for the auto-upgrades with the booking. Or else an upgrade-eligible ticket with Air Canada for the same.

How Must Does It Cost to Upgrade an Air Canada Ticket?

With regard to upgrading the booking, the Air Canada upgrade cost can vary from one booking to another. You may, thus, in this case, read through the details, and each ticket shall vary from one ticket to another.

Final Words: Hopefully, from all the details provided in the content above, you may choose to get the upgrades at ease. Other than these, if you have other queries, you may contact the airline for the help required. Through the various ways available, choose the best one available and go through an easy upgrade.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my upgraded ticket has a piece of free checked baggage?

For the upgrades brought through cash, has a free checked baggage allowance. However, for any other help regarding the same, you can choose to contact the airline or check the guide for the same.

Is it possible to upgrade an Air Canada ticket purchased through miles?

Yes, you can upgrade the award ticket of Air Canada bought. However, in this case, the charges can vary from one ticket to another. Thus, refer to the ticket guidelines for the requirements.

Which fare class gives an assurance to get an upgrade on Air Canada?

You must make the highest bid using Aeroplan points in order to upgrade using points. You must abide by the regulations of the Star Alliance airline whose miles you are upgrading with. On the other hand, more eUpgrades will be necessary for a less expensive/more flexible ticket class. Lastly, you can use cash to pay for a last-minute upgrade or place a bid on one.

How do you differentiate between an economy and economy plus seat?

Comparing economy seats to economy plus seats, the latter have less legroom. Moreover, they will be situated at the front of the aircraft or in an escape row. You will be able to choose from a complimentary selection of priority and preferred seats if you possess the appropriate Air Canada Aeroplan status. You can disembark from the plane more quickly when you have a priority seat in the front. Legroom is greater in preferred seats. While complimentary seat selection may not be available to lower-level elites with Air Canada Aeroplan, it may be available to them at a discounted price.

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